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Symbol of Excellence and Perfection

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VJP Public School

Institute of VJP Foundation

VJP Public School

Kandalgaon, Kaneri Math Road, Kolhapur

VJP IIT and Medical Academy

Institute of VJP Foundation

VJP IIT and Medical Academy

Kandalgaon, Kaneri Math Road, Kolhapur

VJP Junior College (Science and Commerce)

Institute of VJP Foundation - * Proposed

VJP Junior College - * Proposed

Kandalgaon, Kaneri Math Road, Kolhapur

VJP Management and Research Institute (MBA) - * Proposed

Institute of VJP Foundation - POST GRADUATION DEGREE

VJP Management and Research Institute (MBA) - * Proposed

Kandalgaon, Kaneri Math Road, Kolhapur

About us

“Give us a Boy and we will make him a Gentleman, Give us a Girl and we will give back a lady”

An institution which thinks beyond classroom learning”, V. J. Patil Foundation is an institution set in a beautiful and natural surrounding comforting itself in the warmth of the nearby place. Its location prospects a clean and pollution free atmosphere for the hundreds of children who are a part of it.

We provide quality education to our students with the motto of “Symbol of Excellence and Perfection”, by which our every student learning here will be excellent citizen of the nation. We provide well- equipped Science labs, well-ventilated Classrooms, fully furnished Computer lab or the comfortable and cozy Boarding houses, it is all there in V. J. Patil Foundation.

Our Aim

We believe that learning should take place in a happy, caring and stimulating environment in which staff; children, parents and the local community have important roles to play.

We aim to ensure continuity and progression within the curriculum and provide opportunities for children to develop an understanding of the world and their influence upon it. Also, to enable children to develop likely, enquiring minds and the ability to question and discuss rationally and to apply themselves to realistic tasks and challenges.

Our Vision

V. J. Patil Foundation provides a positive, vibrant and inspiring environment where students are valued and encouraged to succeed in becoming life-long learners.

Our Mission

  • To maintain a strong and committed team of staff by encouragement, positive appraisal and personal development
  • To promote moral and social standards such as honesty, politeness, consideration and respect for others, which are essential to happy, successful community
  • To develop skills and attitude that will enable our children to become active and independent learners
  • To promote good citizenship and community cohesion
  • To regularly set targets for improvement and to measure progress against them

Our Prospectus

Shri. Vasant Jivba Patil (Bapu)


With immense pride and great pleasure, I welcome you to the V. J. Patil Foundation. You could be a parent, a student, a staff member or anyone interested in gaining deeper insights into the functioning and learning environment of our exciting world. Right from its inception to now, our institution has marched forward to spread the light of education and pave the path of academic excellence for every student.

We understand there is nothing important than a child and nothing more important than preparing a child for the challenges of the future. Your child will study in the pollution free environment and receive personalized attention by teachers.

Mrs. Aarti Yogesh Yadav

Vice – Chairman

This year is going to be indeed a very exciting with several important milestones and events to unfold in school. We are gearing ourselves up to meet the challenges ahead. “Values, Purpose, Vision, Strategies and Quality staff are the important components to make our foundation premier.” The key focus areas continue to remain - creating opportunities, challenging minds, encouraging innovation and sustaining excitement. I am confident that you would find your graduation here to be challenging and a rewarding experience.

Mr. Rahul Vasant Patil


In the era of firm competition, success can only be achieved if one makes the right kind of effort at the right time. V. J. Patil Foundation provides rich and diversified culture to hone the young brains so as to get evolve in to the challenging scenario with performance, competitiveness, value creation and other professional skills. I am pleased that you have chosen to explore the opportunities that we offer here.

Guidance & Management

Dr. Deepak N. Mudgal

Managing Director/ Trustee

V. J. Patil Foundation is committed to achieve excellence in Technical, Science, Medical Management Education and Research leadership of its programs using the highest standard of quality, innovation, and visibility. We take every effort to make a good thing happen. Almost every child of ours is like a prospective sapling that transforms into a gigantic tree in the long run. The right education at the right time can make life prosper. V. J. Patil Foundation is all set to give the perfect start that would unquestionably steer our students’ career path to the right direction.

A stitch in time saves nine has been the motto of our educational system ever since we embarked on the journey of dishing out quality education in every sphere of life. Our students have infiltrated into all sectors including Medical and Engineering, be it government, private or public to serve the country in various capacities. Our core values of knowledge, character, excellence, integrity, transparency, quality, teamwork, execution with passion, trust, continuous and student - centric learning are all closely integrated into our academic programs

It is my strong belief that given an opportunity, the students of this great temple of learning will prove an asset to the recruiting organizations. Our aim is to achieve global leadership in human development & excellence in education. We create human resources, which will save natural resources and create artificial resources for the society.

Mr. Javed J. Mulani

Administrative Officer

The world is changing fast and so the education Standard. The values and environment we provide for children are sustainable and see them successful through their formative years. The investment we put into our children today will help them achieve greater heights and create the unimaginable.


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